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Attones is a single & short dictionary word domain name. It has rememberability and is easily pronounceable.

Similar single word domains have sold for thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not only is this a .COM domain (thus maximising its value), it is a piece of prime real-estate which can be used to sell high-value products or services.

How Much is Worth?

Primarily, a domain is worth the value you see in it. 

If an appraisal site values a domain at just $100, and yet you can use and market the name to $50,000, then the domain is worth $50,000 for your purposes.

This domain's initial nominal appraisal is shown on the left.

You get this Premium Domain name -

This is a rare 7 letter dictionary name which can be used as a savvy investment or a quick sell.

Premium Domain Name

You get the rights to the logo which you see on this page.

You can sell the brand as well as the domain name. Or you can keep both and use them yourself.

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Once payment has been received, I will push the domain to your account almost instantly, hassle free.

For the push to work, you may have to create an account at the same registrar.

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If the auction price rises above this (which I fully expect), I will remove this page, and this domain will not be available from this page any more. 

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Given the high value of this domain name, and the initial appraisal value, you are able to purchase this domain right here on this page for a very modest $249.

I will also include the attones logo you see above within the price.

From there, it's a short step to develop a stunning website on this supreme property.


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 Product Features Column Styles

Awesome Opportunity

Imagine what you could do with this domain!

attones is a fun word to say. It lends itself to a great branding opportunity. Perfectly suited to a new business looking for a strong identity.

For Keeps

You may want to keep this domain all to yourself.

Although the word has a specific meaning, you can have it mean anything you want. Use the domain for any purpose you desire. 


Conduct a little research online and discover the possibilities available with the "attones" word.

I can think of a few industries and niches which this word would be perfect for.

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